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Life Group Questions Week of June 19

Questions Based on:

  • Read Mark 9:14-29 out loud together. What stands out to you?


  • What did you find most helpful, eye-opening, or difficult from Sunday’s message?


  • Adrian talked about a “if you can guy.” A person full of excuses as to why we shouldn’t do something. Has there been times when you have made excuses about stepping into something difficult or challenging?
    • What did you think of the image of our excuses being a cane for us?
    • Adrian gave us some perspective on the size of the universe, how does that impact your understanding of God’s greatness and love? How does that influence excuses you are making or have made in the past?


  • Read Ephesians 1:4-6. How does this image of being chosen impact you?
    • Read Romans 5:8. How does God saving you in your sin help you to look to loving others?


  • James 1:27 draws attention to the importance of caring for the widows and orphans. How does this challenge you to go toward what is inconvenient?
    • How does God’s love for you encourage you to go into what is inconvenient or challenging?


  • How is God speaking to you through this Bible passage and the sermon? Is there something specific God is calling you to do? Write an “I will” statement, committing to put this learning into practice.This week I will ________________________________________________


D.A Carson – “Eternal life is not so much everlasting life as personal knowledge of the Everlasting God.”

John DeGiovanni – “The laws of God are actually laws of life with God.”

John DeGiovanni – “There is a kind of life that leads to death, and a kind of death that leads to life”


Sunday Service at 10 am - All are welcome!