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Meeting people where they’re at and helping them take their next steps in staying rooted in Christ, growing in their love for others, and bearing fruit that makes a difference in this world.

What is our Discipleship Path?

A discipleship path is simply a process for helping us take our next steps on our journey with Jesus. It’s our GPS, that shows directions for how we get from where we are spiritually, to a consistent lifestyle of abiding in Christ, loving others, and bearing fruit that makes a difference in this world. It involves learning opportunities, Christian community, practices, and practical tools, that equip us to live out our full potential in Christ (Ephesians 4:12).



Alpha – is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Together we tackle the core questions about life and faith from a Christian perspective.

When: Fall

How: In small groups

Rooted – helps us root deeply in the personal spiritual disciplines like prayer, Bible reading, quiet time, etc.

When: Fall

How:  Meet with a mentor or small group for 6 sessions

How People Change – explains the biblical pattern for Spirit-led growth, helping us put off our destructive patterns and grow to be more like Jesus.

When: Fall

How:  In small groups for 12 sessions

Theology provides opportunities to go deeper on biblical topics of interest.

When: Fall

How:  Online courses individually or in cohorts


Discovery – is an introduction to all things Forestview. It concludes by taking the SHAPE spiritual gift assessment and interview, helping you to discover how God has uniquely shaped you to serve Him.

When and how: A one time event

Life Together – helps us value and practice the community spiritual disciplines like family and corporate worship, life groups, serving, etc.

When: Winter

How:  Meet with a mentor or small group for 6 sessions

Helping Relationships provides practical tools that enable us to meet people where they are at and point them to Christ. Simply put it helps us to love people better.

When: Winter

How:  In small groups for 12 sessions

Leadership Leadership training happens through ministry specific training and through leadership hubs. Ministry specific leadership training takes place at designated times throughout the year. Leadership Hubs are a place for development through learning and sharing, and a place for fellowship through delicious food and conversation, and a place of encouragement through prayer.

When: leadership hubs take place two evenings a year.

How:  Hubs are large group events with other leaders.

Bearing Fruit

Partnershipoutlines the key commitments of a follower of Jesus Christ and what it means to join the mission of Jesus through Forestview Community Church.

When: Spring

How:  Meet with leader and others interested in partnering in the  mission of Christ at Forestview.

Faith Conversations – equips us with answers to the basic questions people have about God and the Bible, enabling us to defend and share our faith.

When: Spring

How:  In small and large groups for 6 sessions

Internship Residency – provides opportunity for those interested in increasing their ministry skills and those pursuing vocational ministry to participate in Forestview’s ministry life to develop their skills and discern where the Lord is calling them.

When: to be developed.

Our Path consists of 12 steps which fall into the three different aspects of our vision at Forestview Community Church, Abide, Love, and Bear Fruit.

These steps are done alongside a Life Group (weekly meeting of a group of people). Some are more course based, following a more planned out structure, while others are more open and conversational. If you would like to know more, please fill out this form and select “Discipleship Path – Information.”

Sunday Service at 10 am - All are welcome!