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A Career in Christ

From time to time, Forestview Community Church will have job opportunities. Individuals who wish to grow their Christ-Centered careers are invited to email a letter of application and resume to

Worship Team Leader (Part-time 12 hours a week)

Summary of Responsibility:

The Worship Team Leader is responsible to develop Forestview’s worship music ministry and provide weekly attenders the best possible opportunity to encounter and worship God.

Work List:

  1. Continue growing as a true worshipper – tending to your own relationship with God and seeking out personal inspiration to help inspire others to worship.
  2. Maintain a healthy relationship with the overseeing director, pastor, and other staff.
  3. Provide effective worship leadership for Sunday morning services. (This includes mid-week team practices and periodic leading at events other than Sunday morning services.)
  4. Oversee song selections, arrangements, calls to worship, confessions, assurances of pardon, exhortations from the law, and other prayers to ensure that they are consistent with the character and heart of God and the themes of the services.
  5. Ensure all songs are properly prepared for screen projection each week.
  6. Provide appropriate pre-service, offering, and post-service music.
  7. Collaborate with other Sunday morning volunteers and staff (specifically the Audio and Visual Team leaders) to ensure unity, consistency, and service flow.
  8. Recruit and develop worship team members who are committed to excellence in worship.
  9. Develop new worship leaders, giving special attention to releasing the next generation.
  10. Keep current with new worship music while not letting go of the historic hymns of the faith – ensuring that all songs are consistent with the basic tenants of Reformed theology.
  11. Lead quarterly team meetings for the purpose of fellowship, communication, teaching, training, and vision casting.
  12. Prepare and administrate the Worship Team budget.


  1. The Worship Team Leader reports to the Ministry Services Director.
  2. Worship Team Members report to the Worship Team Leader.


  1. Monthly meeting with the Ministry Services Director for personal support, ministry coordination, and direction.
  2. Weekly participation in a Life Group for mutual care and encouragement.

Ministry Standards:

  1. Committed to Christ and models Forestview’s vision and values as a leader and church member.
  2. Gifted and experienced vocalist with basic musical knowledge of one or more instruments.
  3. Sound biblical theology. (Bible College preferred.)
  4. Technologically competent to use (and recommend improvements to) our hardware, software, visual and sound equipment.
  5. ‘Plan to Protect’ accredited and committed to working within the boundaries of our P2P policies and procedures.





Sunday Service at 10 am - All are welcome!