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We are excited for you to take a next step on your faith journey as we live out our full potential in Christ as a Church family. Everyone is at different places in their life, but every member of the Forestview community is committed to Love, Abide, and Bear Fruit.

If Forestview is the place for you, we invite you to consider taking a next step:


After each service, members of Forestview will be located at the front of the church to speak with and pray with you.

Meet our Pastor

If you would like to learn more about Forestview, have questions about following Christ, or would like to discuss your story, send Tracy Werner an email and she will connect with you to arrange a meeting.

Welcome to the Family

If you are considering becoming a members of the Forestview community, you are invited to contact our office administrator about upcoming Welcome to the Family sessions.

Occurring twice a year following the 11:00 AM Service, this 4-session program is a small-group lunch for prospective members with Pastor John and Gail that provides a history of Forestview, explores Forestview’s Vision and Beliefs, and reflects on what membership means to the Forestview community.


Forestview baptizes infants as well as older children and adults. The journey of faith that begins in individual baptism continues in the church community.

In baptism God promises by grace alone

  • to forgive our sins;
  • to adopt us into the Body of Christ, the church;
  • to send the Holy Spirit daily to renew and cleanse us;
  • and to resurrect us to eternal life.

Through baptism Christ calls us to new obedience,

  • to love and trust God completely;
  • to forsake the evil of the world;
  • and to live a new and holy life.

If you are looking to explore getting baptized at Forestview, contact Pastor John to discuss your journey and what Baptism means to the Forestview family.