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Living out our full potential
in Christ


“Living out our full potential in Christ!” That’s it. That’s our vision. It’s also an invitation. Our vision is you living out your full potential in Christ.  Can you picture that – you at your best?  Can we help you?  It’s a bold invitation, but we believe that this is what Jesus meant when He said, “go and make disciples.”  Our sole purpose for existing as a church is to continue Jesus’ ministry of disciple-making.

To learn more about what a disciple is and how Forestview can help you live out your full potential in Christ, join us this Sunday at 10 am!

Who We Are

Forestview Community Church is a family made up of many different kinds of people who are all in the process of change.  What unites us is our desire to live out our full potential in Christ as individuals, as families, and as a church.  We take the Bible very seriously.  However, we do not take ourselves quite so seriously.  We are committed to extending the grace and mercy of God to everyone as we walk this faith journey together.

Sunday Service at 10 am - All are welcome!